Where can I find your most current wholesale prices and policies?

For our most current line sheet and complete wholesale policies, please email info@pureveg.net

What is your minimum order amount?

Our minimum initial order is 1 case. Payment is due at the time of order for initial orders and within 5 days for reorders. We accept checks, credit cards, and PayPal. To place an order, please contact, please email info@pureveg.net

How long will it take to ship my order?

We ship all orders within 2 weeks of receipt via UPS or USPS with insurance and tracking. We will email you shipping confirmation and tracking details as soon as they are available.

How long will it take for my order to arrive after it’s shipped?

Most orders arrive within 7 days of the shipping date. If you haven’t received your order within this time frame, please contact us for support.

Do you offer discounts for early payment?

We offer a 5% net discount for reorders prepaid or paid upon receipt of receiving goods.

What if my order arrives damaged or I want a refund?

We will replace or refund any product that is delivered damaged or defective, provided you contact us within 5 days of delivery. We do not exchange, replace, or refund product that is delivered free from defect.

How should I price Pure Veg products?

We suggest selling Pure Veg products at the price point listed for each individual item, although you may mark our products above this amount. However, our products may not be sold for less than this price without our express written permission. Violation of this agreement could result in termination of your wholesale contract, so please get in touch if this is a concern.

Do you provide marketing materials for my company to use?

Yes! After you have registered for our wholesale program, we will grant you access to our selection of social media posts and images for you to use on your website, social accounts, or blog. In addition, we have point of sale items, promotional flyers, and some other marketing materials available upon request.

My question wasn’t answered above. What should I do?

We’d love to help you out! email us at info@pureveg.net and let us know if you prefer to talk on the phone.

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